Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Short Attention Span Theatre #1: The Hot Fudge Show

Early mornings have never been the same...

Syndicated out of Detroit from 1976-1982, it's the Hot Fudge Show!

While the memories are fading, I am pretty sure WKYC (Channel 3) in Cleveland used to broadcast this at 7:00AM every weekday morning.

"Hot Fudge. Right on!"

Links of Interest:

* Hot Fudge Show - Official Site


  1. i remember seeing it on Sunday mornings, too. i would wake up before anybody else and when i was staying over my dad's house in Mentor, didn't want to wake anybody up, so i would switch on the TV and see Credo (a 30-minute devotional segment with some religious talking head in front of a stained-glass background, designed to watch while getting dressed for church, maybe?), some public affairs shit, then Hot Fudge, in some order or other in my scrambled mind. with that crazy song and the psycho-delic graphics in the opening, i thought it was Dr. Teeth going solo from The Muppets or something.

  2. Dr. Teeth going solo! That's wonderful.

    At one time I owned the Larry & Seymour album from this show. Larry Santos, as you may (or may not) know, had a pop hit in the mid 70s with 'We Can't Hide It Anymore'.

    A decent enough cut, it doesn't come close to the duet magic he experienced with Seymour the puppet.

  3. you should post that Larry & Seymour, i wanna hear that!