Monday, March 19, 2012

Chloraseptic® Dreams

... Or:  When Memories Punch Back

While surfing around looking for local band information from the 'good old days', I stumbled across a funky slice of nostalgia. 

I liken it to gazing into a mirror, then getting punched in the teeth by your own reflection...

In the late 80s a couple of buddies and I formed a Parma hardcore band - Public Execution.  As locals bands like LEK, R.F.I., and Domestic Crisis were so much cooler than us on the Social Idiot Index, we figured we would give it a whirl.  We stuck it out for about a year, wrote some nifty tunes, finally got a decent sound down (thanks to second drummer Jim Konya), then broke it up for reasons best left unsaid.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Retro Gaming Blast from the Past!

The other night my youngest had a school choir recital.  It was a very nice program.

But my eldest and her friend (the bigger sister to a friend of the youngest), were bored out of their minds. Being resourceful kids, they pulled out a notebook and started playing games, writing notes back and forth - the typical girl stuff. 

It reminded me of what I used to do when bored out of my skull at their age.  When we returned home I promptly showed my wife.  She laughed at my ingenuity.  Or my idiocy.
I am not too sure.

The Mechanics:
  • Take a piece of paper and a sharpened pencil with a good eraser.
  • Balance and angle the tip of the pencil onto the paper just so, with your index finger lightly on the eraser.
  • Gently push the eraser downward so that a straight line shoots off the skidding pencil onto the paper.