Monday, January 19, 2009

Flipper Rules, OK?

Obligatory Cut and Paste job from Wikipedia and/or AllMusic.

Because research is for librarians and egghead kid sisters. And that's not punk. It is, however, borderline emo.

Which only goes to show you: librarians and kid sisters are emos.

You're so bored, cause you're boring!
- You Nought Me

Named after an infamous dolphin... Or birth defect babies... Or an insane band member's habit of naming every pet he ever owned 'Flipper', Dagwood Bum's Sled formed in San Francisco in 1979. Will Shatter, Bruce Lose, Ted Falconi, and Steve DePace quickly tired of having to explain the witty double entendre to hapless punk rockers like the Dead Ken-I-Gotta-Pees and Soupy Sales. So they went back to calling themselves Flipper.

It was a bold move in a career defined by bold moves. And drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.

I guess you can say music, too. But music is so yesterday; Flipper is next Tuesday at 4:36PM EST!

Back (L-R): Steve DePace, drums - Ted Falconi, guitar
Front (L-R): Will Shatter, bass & vocals - Bruce Lose, bass & vocals

No less than respected punk legend Henry Rollins called Flipper, and I am quoting here:

"Blah Blah Look at my tattoos Blah Blah Denis Leary Blah Blah VH1 Blah Blah Heavier Than You!!!!"

And, well... if it is coming from Henry Rollins, you'd be silly not to take it as gospel. He is a spoken word artist, you know. Just like Jello Biafra!

And that crazy bag lady down the street who cries drunken soliloquies to her long dead child. But I don't see her getting her own VH1 show or college spoken word tours, you two-bit carnies.

How much are kids being charged to hear your live-action infomercials, anyways? Whatever it is, I'm sure you'll end up blaming Ticketmaster.

Set it and forget it!!

Subterranean Records #SUB 07
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Subterranean Records #SUB 25
Christ Almartyr Blog

Blow'n Chunks (Front), 1984
ROIR Records #A-126
Hangover Heart Attack Blog

Gone Fishin' (Front), 1984
Subterranean Records #SUB 42
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Subterranean Records #SUB 53
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And now I'll take some questions from the readers. Sound fun?

Q - You claim to be a punk, yet insult everything about them in most of your blog postings. What the hell is up with that?

A - Thanks for your question.

Q - Do you think youre funny? What's with the post on Johnny Rotten man?

A - Whoa! One question at a time please.

Q - I didn't think your Sid Vicious joke in the post from Dec. 20th was funny. How dare you! #%$@ You and the horse you rode in on, buddy!!

A - I'm sorry. Was there a question in there?

Note: If you have a question that you would like answered, feel free to drop me a line. Comments are always welcomed. Henry would approve...


  1. Hi Mr. Mayfly Man. How are you?
    Long time no hear.
    OK Flipper is good, very good actually, and yes I completely concur with the other commenters here (?!), who say, I believe if I am understanding their face correctly, that the Flipper CBGB 1983 disc released on Overground Records some time ago. That one's a doozie, especially the mail-art from fans.
    Also I liked the Q&A, that'll teach 'em.
    Please come back I miss you! :(

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  3. 嘿,你的部落格不錯耶~~只是想跟您問聲好!!........................................

  4. 看看blog調整心情,又要來繼續工作,大家加油........................................

  5. "And that crazy bag lady down the street who cries drunken soliloquies to her long dead child. But I don't see her getting her own VH1 show or college spoken word tours..."

    actually i would pay top dollar to see that.

    by the way, my Captcha for this comment was "burboate"... hey isn't that the new coconut-flavored prophylactic from the south pacific islands i keep hearing so much about?

  6. I am so pleased that the Asian amongst us has visited this humble blog.

    Please feel free to leave more links to more places I'll never visit, Asian friends! In return, you'll always be in my thoughts.