Sunday, November 9, 2008

Prince Far I, The Voice of Thunder

Reading the news today, I stumbled across yet another story that struck a nerve.

3 paragraphs.  Done and gone.  
Thanks for playing child Allen.  
Good luck next time.

Yet the Cleveland Cavaliers get a tome in comparison.  

I, for one, am glad that has its priorities in order.

"Man has turned into a Dog.  Discipline is what the world needs today.  And etiquette, you know.
For one of the Noblest things a Man can do is to do the best he can, yeah..."

- Prince Far I, Heavy Manners

To quote the All Music Guide biography on the mighty Prince:

"... He certainly cannot be categorized as a singer, although at times -- especially during chanted passages -- there was definitely a singsong quality to his vocals, and in that respect the closest comparison was to Winston Rodney of Burning Spear.  However, that group actually wrote lyrics, while Prince Far I vocals were a stream of consciousness that belongs in the DJ realm.  But to call him a toaster is equally inaccurate.  His delivery was reminiscent of an Old Testament prophet, railing at the wicked, a seething outpouring of religiously inspired righteousness."

As far as I am concerned Michael Williams (c. 1944-1983); aka Prince Far-I was a prophet.  
Whereas Bob Marley's Godly message of Peace and Unity can be considered a sugar, Prince Far-I's thunderous declarations of Discipline and Livity* were the spice.  

* = Word used by Rastafarians, meaning 'Righteous Living'

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