Sunday, March 3, 2013

Your Friendly Local Gaming Store

... Or:  So THAT'S where the A.V. Kids went! 

In my neck of the words there are a couple of regarded board gaming stores, one of them minutes away.

Board games, card games, war games, role-playing games; row upon row of games and miniature supplies crammed around 4 large gaming tables rented out to dice bags and their statistical probabilities.

And, someday, a place to host Dicks and Pricks® tournaments.   

Of the games I have snagged these past months, I've purchased somewhere around 15.73% of them from that particular location.  Give or take.  That number might be shockingly low to the brick and mortar purists, but when entertainment dollars are scarce in a world of rec center youth [fill in the blank] leagues, school plays, cello lessons, traveling softball teams and volleyball academies, you have to pick and choose your battles.

I drift in and out, so I am not a 'Valued Customer' - nor do I even know if the store in question has a program that rewards the schmuck off the street by discounting 10-15% off retail.  Frankly, there should be banners peppering the store with such reminders.

Because let me tell you, the typical board game these days runs you something between thirty-five and sixty-five smackeroos.